Who’s James?


Do I speak about myself in the 1st person, 3rd person, have someone provide quotes…? The options for those wild enough to create a website with their name as the domain – endless.

By day I manage cycling brands, by night, well here it is, my after hours playground – a combination of gear reviews, news, blogs, interviews, the odd press release, event reports & all manner of written and spoken word stuff.

Yes, there are videos too

What unites these pages and the buffet adorning them is trails, mental health and/or personal stories.

I love trails, from the local flatlands to the high country of the mountains, whether on foot or bike, experiencing or building them.

For those reading my reviews and scratching your noggin to work out if you can fit in the same size products as those on my body parts, below is a list of measurements you may find useful

Height - 5ft 6” / 169cm

Weight - 168lbs / 76.5kg

Chest - 39” / 99cm

Inside leg - 28” / 71cm

Feet - UK 10

Preferred fit for running stuff - athletic

I’m a freelance photographer specialising in mountain pursuits, trail builder, mental health awareness campaigner & trustee, community first responder and probably a whole host of other things if I turned this into LinkedIn. Like you, yes you, having made it this far down the page, I do many things and evolve as my interests do.

Drop me a comment on the relevant page, email me at jamesmackeddie@live.co.uk or DM me on instagram if you want to talk gear, trails, mental health &/or random musings of the day

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