Leogang Downhill World Cup

I was invited out to the UCI Downhill World Cup in Leogang, Austria by Bliss Protection on business. Now I’ve been to Fort William’s World Cup for a number of years, universally regarded for having the best track and crowd and no the track well, however nothing prepared me for the scale of the track.Leogang 26trix backdrop-2Based in Leogang’s famous bike park, the course is brutal. Big jumps, tight natural lines with large roots and drops, with rock gardens strewn in-between.

I’m the first to admit I’m technically not a great on a mountain bike. I have an engine and can take on moderate terrain, but stop short of drops and large jumps. The track only confirmed my thoughts and in several places I wondered, how do people ride the terrain?

Leogang Dropping in SignLeogang Dropping in through crowd-2Leogang Fairclough Rain & RockWalking down the freeride track was tough enough, as countless fans took a spill in order to get a glimpse of their heroes taking on the track. Crashes were heavy, line choices crucial and keeping momentum a real art form. Leogang Quali First Tech OverviewLeogang Team Walking TrackLeogang the Messiah-2Being friends with several elite riders and mechanics, this has given me a whole new level of respect for their a craft. Their ability to analyse terrain, control the bike and mentally stay in charge.

A huge thanks to Bliss Protection for organising the trip, it was epic!

If you ever get the opportunity to get out and watch it in person. Do.