Morning Run

When the suns out and the temps still cool, there is nothing better than a trail run or ride before locking yourself away for 8 hours in the office, prevented from keeping mobile.

It can also free the mind up, for a more productive and inspired day setting yourself to what ever task your 9-5 throws at you.CnJxfqsXEAE328n.jpg-large

I’ve been a long time fan of taking my GoPro onto the trail to capture videos and stills of what goes on. Whether this is at 2000 meters on alpine switchbacks, or locally where we often neglect and talk down the bread and butter routes we enjoy regularly.

Now I like Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, ever since seeing Blake Samson quaff it in many a freestyle video. Inspired by his Scottish shaking in a river, I thought where better to do my own take less than a mile from my house.

Given I’m more about endurance and run down things I would think of riding, it made sense to get the camera, a mocha and have some fun.

Light was perfect, the summers sun shining through the forest, piercing shards of light, creating new textures and colours.

After 4 miles, 2 dog chases and a few near misses I was finished.

Bottoms up!