Flashes of the Altai

Bike packing is seeing a boom in the last 12-18 months. The market is no longer exclusive to niche specialist brands, as the mainstream introduce their own products to market. With this, the rise of bike packing adventures and inevitably films has taken off.

So you could be mistaken for thinking this is another bike packing film, a multi day epic on two wheels. But you would be mistaken. Add lightweight pack rafts into the mix and you have a multi terrain adventure, on land and water.

Take 3 guys, send to the Mongolia on full sus trail bikes and let the games begin. Snow, mountains, trails, white water, culture and mishaps that come with self sufficient travel.

At 5 minutes, Flashes on the Altai is brief but action packed. It delivers the energy 3 young men on an adventure of a lifetime give off, whilst capturing the cultural differences they experience along the way.

See it on the big screen at Sheffield Adventure Film Festival in the Bike Packing Sessions between March 17th – 19th

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