April Fools – 5 of the Best

Well April 1st arrived and the outdoor community did their best to confuse, fool and have a laugh with their respective communities. Whereas in previous years, few brands went to the same lengths as Alpkit (consistent top placers), now brands are changing their websites, putting in as much effort, if not more, than a full product launch.

So in no particular order, here are some of my personal favourites;

Quad Lock

“Introducing the most effective solution to snacking on-the-go for Cyclists, the revolutionary Quad Lock Sausage Mount.”

The boys from down under produced a video, social media campaign and web page to support their latest invention, the Sausage Mount. Speaking to the brand, they had sales enquiries from the off…. could this mark a opportunity into the snacks/confectionary market for the smart phone mounting brand – Full details HERE

Mountain Fuel


Double Bob Graham, fell and ultra running legend has always kept to her trusted nutritional plan of baked beans, rice pudding and fish & chips. Is the later which British endurance brand, Mountain Fuel, have developed it into an easily consumable drink.

Nicky Spinks commented “”Fish and Chips on my double Bob hit the spot so to now have a fish and chip flavoured drink is fantastic.”

Purchase 10 sachets for a complementary sachet of Nicky’s favourite curry saucy.


FI’ZI:K INTRODUCES R1DISC, THE WORLD’S FIRST DISC BRAKE-PROOF CYCLING SHOES17626261_1662239233793449_373818851427612897_n

“Inspired by medieval rides and developed in collaboration with leading professional cyclists, R1DISC shoes are the result of advanced R&D, testing and manufacturing techniques”

With the constant debate in the pro peloton about the use of disc bakes and their perceived danger, fi’z:k have come up with a solution, looking back to armour of the past, creating an eye catching shoe. Let’s hope its galvanised to prevent corrosion from all those miles on salted roads.

You can find out more HERE


Montane expand their Further, Faster philosophy, by introducing their new Further Faster Delivery Service.

No longer do you need to head to the shop, but instead get your kit on the mountain or even mid race. Drone to phone technology is here and Montane are pioneering its application.

You can find out more HERE


Alpkit – The nature and modernity of outdoor. Art galleries are finally acknowledging the work of outdoor brands and with this, the first major retrospective, a look at Alpkit. gallery1_1200_803auto

Following its presentation in London the exhibition, organised in collaboration with Centre Refugio and The Metropolitan Outdoor, will tour internationally to Paris, New York and beyond.

Alpkit (est 2004) is unique in British outdoor gear for the extent of their popular appeal. As they approach their 13th birthday, this exhibition will offer an unprecedented overview of the brand’s work to date. Presented as a chronological overview, it will trace their development from the moment of their prodigious appearance in 2004, through to their iconic works of 2010 and 2011, and on to their recent success at the Outdoor Show and their ‘Sonder’ collection

More details can be found HERE

And the winner…..

A late entry

Black Diamond

The HonnSolo combines the technology of JetForce with the freedom of free soloing. As Alex Honnald himself states, “it’s always the first 50 feet of a free solo where I’m the most nervous, after that I’m in the zone.” Using Black Diamond’s JetForce technology, a 244 litre pad is inflated in under 2 seconds, with the internal fan running at over 100,000 RPM.

Though Black Diamond don’t encourage you to take up Free soloing, they are proud that they can innovate and add an element of safety. For Alex, he can take “food, water, approach shoes and stuff” with him on the wall face.