Pre Breakfast Run

There’s a lot to be said for getting out at the crack of dawn, before bolting yourself to the desk for 9 hours.

Though it’s easy to look at what you don’t have, the pros running in the high mountains, incredible trails that seemingly go on for ever, your home trails can offer the greatest experience.

They’re there in all weathers, easily accessible and provides a sounding board for fitness, leg strength and where you are mentally when the rain comes in, temperatures drop and winds pick up.

I went out for a steady paced 9 mile run before work, making the most of the dustry trails, blue sky’s and the fact no one is willing to venture out at this point. 

My legs felt fresh, the cool breeze pierced but encouraged me to keep moving.Slowly sipping a flask of Mountain Fuel as I cruised around the switchbacks and short, steady undulations, my mind eased into the day, able to process those questions and queries often filling the mind into the latter stage of the morning.Im fortunate to live a mile from the trail head, able to run door to door, 2 miles road, 7 miles of uninterrupted trails.

Take advantage of what you have, you’ll enjoy trips to the mountains that bit more when they come round.