Morning Miles

I am really good at waking up early.

My girlfriend hates it.

The slightest suggestion of the pitch black of night being broken by the first shards of sunlight and my body clock back hand slaps me round the chops “WAKE UP!”

And yet, most mornings, with ample, let me rephrase that, a gratuitous amount of time at my disposal, I put off running until it’s too late and I need to get into the office.

Time is a valuable commodity. Easily wasted. Impossible to take back.

Yet, this morning, I shut my brain down, prepared my kit the night before and eventually found myself cruising down the main road at a leisurely pace, the path before me baron of human life.

That’s where it struck me.

This is my favourtie time of the day. I love the silence. It’s closest to being in the mountains I can get, without finding a unused patch of forest trail.

I love running prior to work. It’s one thing ticked off, you don’t flop out of bed, into a car and back into a reclined position for the rest of the day before reversing the procedure.

You’re awake mentally and physically for the day and you’ve got the choice to train or relax when you return home, rather than feel pressured to fit that session in.

When you wake up, get up, get out & run.