Playing around

Recovery or easy sessions.

6 miles.

Steady pace.

Tired legs.

Man, they are boring.

Your watch time and speed seemingly change in slow motion, you head to the same trails and look ahead knowing you could be pushing hard, having fun on descents and feeling that burn in your legs that makes you know you are alive.

Well who said you can’t have fun?

A tripod, GoPro and gimbal later, and I have my own camera crew on the trail. I take it easy transitioning between features on the trail and give myself a maximum of two attempts at getting the shot. It breaks up the monotony, changes the focus of the run and opens up a new world of possibilities. As many brands are hash tagging – #timetoplay, #timetofly and more, enjoying your easy days is fundamental for progress and no one ever said it couldn’t be fun.

So, 6 miles later, a few minutes of experimenting on the trail and 10 minutes stitching it together, here’s the result.