Making the most 

Making the most of what you have can be difficult. 

It is all too easy to open up Instagram or Facebook, viewing countless posts by friends and athletes of their Alpine or Lakeland based run that very day, when you are faced with a flat run, with a 50m gain Hill as your only real ascent.

The excuses mount up, it’s pointless, it’s crap, but I don’t have that, how can I compete? Well, motivation is your answer.

You may not have mountains, but what you have is your work ethic, mindset and goals. Work hard and when you hit the mountains, you will be so grateful to stand beneath towering columns, ascending zig zagged technical trails, that you’ll embrace the here and now.

Some mountain based runners may be complacent. Afterall, outisde of a race number and more runners, this could be any other day.

Can you train for the mountains without mountains? YES! 

Be smart.

Reparations whether on that small hill or technical section will train your muscles and mind. Always remember, it’s harder to run up the same hill 6 times, than 1 big hill when you’re alone with no witnesses.

Train smart and you can achieve beyond your expectations.