Back in Training

It’s been a frustrating few weeks. For the time first time in my life I bothered to put some form of structure in place, hire a coach and run regularly. 

Despite having run races, reviewed many shoes for MyOutdoors and my own site, my trainings always been lacking. In reality it’s been non existant. Signing up to races with all the best intentions, I’ve often crammed miles in a couple of weeks before and endured a week of misery following the event, when my legs lock into place, swelling up for days, tendons and ligaments inflamed and stairs near impossible to conquer. I’ve forced myself through the later stages of races through sheer will power and my colleagues often think of my having crazy adventures.

In reality, those adventures would be average at best if I put in the work before hand.

3 months of training with Paul Giblin has changed my mindset and life. I’m more focused, as an athlete my body is on another level to when I started and if I can look far enough ahead, rather then blanketing myself on now, who knows how quick I could be (I have no preconceptions in my head I can suddenly start winning races haha!).

So 2 weeks back in, I feel alive again. Yes, getting sessions fitted in around a full time job, partner and other commitments isn’t always easy. But, if you want it, you make time. There’s no such thing I haven’t got the time, only, you don’t want to give it your time.

Life is about compromise, balance and sacrifice. Yes I was running at 5 this morning before writing this post as I sit in the departures area of Luton Airport, ahead of a work trip. Yes, I considered getting an extra hour in bed with my partner, as I won’t see her till Friday – however, life is less controlled on the road, so it’s one less thing to fit in later today in Germany.

Keep your goals in mind and the life in perspective. Balance. It’s not always easy to achieve but the rewards are vast.


It’s time to commit.