That lunchtime run


The moment when you get off the work pc and make a dreary choice at a local supermarket for overpriced, over processed meal deals aimed solely at you. A chance to be creative and bring in left overs or compile a fresh meal that leaves half of the office resenting you and the other half wondering why you bother.

But it’s also an opportunity to get some much needed fresh air, move the body and clock some of those easy training miles.

I’m not much of a lunch runner. 45 minutes to get from my desk, changed, run, shower and back is quite a challenge and given most training runs start at 5 Miles, practically, it’s often not an option. However, you can make it work. Speed & intervals sessions can rack up a good pace, and throwing caution to the wind on easy runs, can deliver suprising results.

On lunch runs I’ve set my estimated PB for the mile, 2 Miles, 5km and 10km. Have I run faster than my coach asked for? Yes. Have I enjoyed it? Yes. Has my work for that afternoon benefitted? Most definitely.

In a time where so many jobs are sat down, under artificial light and with stagnant air, it resets the body, in many cases wakes it up and allows you to truly switch off from spreadsheets, deadlines and office politics.

Do I do it regularly? No.

Is it worth the faff? YES!