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Words & Images – James Mackeddie

I’ve been using Stance’s run socks for the past 6 months or so (curtesy of Freestak) and have used them pretty much exclusively since receiving a couple of pairs to test. From the Lakes, to Trail Marathon Wales and the Ring of Steall, they’ve talked all manner of trail and fell, along with miles of roads at home.

Never the less, it was a surprise when a box randomly appeared through the door.Stance Europe Package 1Encased in a fully branded box, featuring Stance’s distinctive logo, tissue paper held back the contents, intriguing me further.Stance Europe Package 2Stance Europe Package 3Inside were 3 pairs of new socks, ready to keep me running into the autumnal months, where socks will need far more cleaning given the saturated trails and precipitation which will accompany the majority of runs.Stance Europe Package 4Anton Krupicka’s new signature socks, the Krups. The talisman of their running division and ultra running legend has designed the socks with two areas that mean the most to him, Boulder’s Flatirons and the iconic east face of Rocky Mt National Park’s Longs Peak.Stance Europe Package 6Stance Europe Package 52 more pairs of socks, Run and Fusion run offer light cushioning and a precision fit, that wraps around your foot. I used to be someone who preferred running in ankle high socks. That’s all changed and I now chose crew height where possible.

Beyond keeping crud and objects out of the socks, they protect ankles on technical descents and I find hold the socks in place better.

A full review of a pair of Stance Light and Fusion socks I’ve been running in for the past 6 months is imminent.

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Thanks to Hectic Europe and Freestak for the socks.