Oh come on Strava. Kick a man while he’s down why don’t you?!

January’s been a crap month, it really has. Fired up to start logging some quality weeks, I’ve spent more days on sat down then running, more time on the PlayStation then moving & several nights with my partner thinking I need to seek medical advice.

105 miles. That’s the total. 25ish Miles a week, and that includes some long runs of up to 17 miles…..

My motivation has wavered, I’ve thought about throwing in the towel, the coach, the races. Go back to mountain biking when I fancy it, no training, no plan, no pressure.

But it’s that plan, that self will, that accountability which has given me strength, mental prowess, unlocked new possibilities & above all, put a smile on my face.

In the darkest depths of January, films of elite runners crushing races, mid & back packers finishing feats of endurance that inspire those very elites winning & seeing what the community are saying that draws me back.

I never fell out of love with the sport, I fell out of love with my expectations of myself.

It’s time to recompose, strengthen my immune system, and get back into the routine of daily miles.

The cover photo is from the start of the misery, getting caught on a balmy January day in shorts and t-shirt, where 1 mile into 6.2, a hail storm hit and chilled me to the core. It took hours to warm up, raise my core temperature. And then the problems started.

It’s the perfect shot for January.

It was a misfire.