Podcast of the Week – Episode 2

So it’s been well over a week, but let’s get this back on track.

I’m currently out in Chamonix, running mountain trails and with a little extra time on my hands.

So, Downtime Podcast is created, produced and the brain child of Chris Hall. Focusing on mountain biking, interviewing the pros, coaches, brands, the well known and the lesser known, it’s an eclectic mix of content, all around an hour or so long, that I enjoy listening to on session rides in the bike park or interval/short running sessions.

Wait, hang on a minute…. bikes??

Yes, I love my mountain bikes (I work in cycling) and love it to ease my legs off the following day after a killer session, hanging out with mates and have good fun with.

What separates Downtime? The level of detail and research into each question, how each  answer is then related to you and I and above all the passion behind every interview.

Well worth a listen, even if you only run. After all, it’s all about trails.


You can find out more about Downtime Podcast HERE.