UTMB – Brits on Tour

What a year. What a race.

If anyone who viewed the race from a part of the course or remotely had wanted drama, Christmas came early. With the majority of elite contenders dropping out due to wasp stings, falls, going out too hard, stomach issues, twisted joints… it made for a race where the the expected simply didn’t happen. If anything, it made it all the more captivating to watch.

Combined with UTMB‘s new live feed, utilising runners and riders armed with cameras  on course, the live broadcast was exciting, compared to previous years of fixed cameras  (not counting checkpoints). I get it, 100 miles is a nightmare practically and logistically to broadcast, but the team behind it made it happen. Bravo to everyone involved.

2018 proved to be a great year for British ultra runners. Maybe it was the cooler, murky conditions? Perhaps there was something in the water? Do our short climbs and descents hold an advantage? Who knows. What we do know, infant, what the world knows, is a those flying the flag had some exceptional performances. Stand outs of Beth Pascall‘s 4th Lady and Damian Hall‘s 5th Overall in the UTMB, not to forget Tom Evan‘s taking control of CCC and winning in fine fashion, on his debut run as a Red Bull athlete.

Images from 2016 UTMB

Below are some of the top finishes from 2018’s Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc race. To the many who finished and those who took on arguably the biggest race in the sport, well done for taking on this beast.

Damian Hall – 5th overall / 2nd vet

Jim Mann – 15th overall / 5th Vet

Paul Giblin – 22nd overall / 8th Vet

Samuel Shepard – 39th overall

Beth Pascall – 4th lady / 40th overall

Dominik Layfield – 50th overall / 16th Vet

Sophie Grant – 12th Lady / 70th overall

Jo Meek – 19th Lady / 128th overall

Kristian Morgan – 134th overall / 41st Vet

Keith Macintosh – 144th overall / 45th Vet

Richard Hurdle – 146 overall / 47th

Rob Allen – 149th overall / 48th

Holly Rush – 21st Lady / 162nd overall

Peter Mortimer – 172th overall

Amelia Watts – 22nd Lady / 185th overall

Carrie Craig – 24th Lady / 219th overall

Debbie Martin-Consani – 25th / 231st overall