Kendal Mountain Festival 2018

It’s that time of year again.

The air is becoming crisp, the nights longer and temperatures are requiring insulated jackets to be drawn from their summer slumbers, to once again warp around bodies. It can only mean one thing for the outdoor community.

Kendal Mountain Festival is back.

Spread over 4 days, Kendal Mountain Festival is the culmination of a years adventures, the start of the winter season and a chance for weather aged veteran and newbie, to watch a multitude of adventures and pursuits, from the record to heart breaking. It has been said many times there is no formula for getting your film featured at Kendal. Next level cinematography will not conquer all.

Subjects, location, but most of all, story are what set those chosen apart. With this being (I think) my 6th Kendal, I’ve seen big budget down to a couple with a cheap point and shoot. One thing that unities, is the sense of adventure they portray, the window it opens up to their life.

This year’s trailer, Countless Connections, does away with pure adventure porn, instead focusing on generations passing down their experiences from the wild. It’s important we encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone every so often, but with that, allow people to be creative and express themselves at the same time.

Watch as the old boy fires up a Yelco DS-810MT and reveals a glimpse of what is to come.

I will be at the Festival over the weekend, so if you see me, please say hello. I’m also posting previews and reviews in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for Kendal Mountain Festival content.