Gone Digging

Trail Fairies & Pixies

We know they exist, every rider and runner knows there are people out there creating and maintaining trail networks, but few of us actually pick up tools and contribute. They don’t ask for gratitude, physical or mental pats on the back, in many instances they are happy to go on their way, doing what they do in peace and quiet.

But, we must remember, every time they are digging, they are forgoing riding or running the trail, expending their energy on carving the land we enjoy to experience. And therefore, I propose in the next week you find out who are your local trail fairies, the team who repair, create and pour their souls into something they don’t get paid for. They volunteer their time and money to keep access to the network open, work with landowners, buy tools, work in all weathers. Get in contact, find out how you can contribute, whether its by your physical time, making them snacks for the build day, a crate of beer as a thanks.

I’ve worked with my local trail team the last few years in Woburn and haven’t given as much time as I should. So this year when I’m home for the weekend, I’m putting in the hours where I can and getting involved in my local trails. If any of you have ever complained about a trail, a feature, a section, well; get involved and maybe you can help shape the trail in the coming years.

Here are a few shots from this weekends morning working on a new trail.



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