1000 Mile launch new Run Anklet Twin Pack

If you like to keep your tan lines from 100s if not 1000s of miles run as low as possible, to save the embarrassment of the crew cut tan line that screams runner or rider, these new Anklet Twin packs from 1000 Mile could be right up your street. I personally started running in anklet style socks, but in recent years have tended to opt for taller socks…. at one point I was that person that folded their socks back on themselves, so you would never see them full stop.

Anyway, enough about me.

The new 1000 Mile Run Anklet Twin Pack is designed to offer foot comfort and support during road runs and races.

A combination of fine denier Nylon and a soft moisture management yarn mix is placed in a dense loop to give comfortable, multi-padded zones in the areas feet needs them most. – In simple talk, they’ll draw water away from your feet to aid prevention of blisters or abrasion caused from saturated skin and they aren’t one big pad of cushion that will break down in shape or comfort after a few miles.RunAnkletTwinPack

 The Run Anklet is designed to keep feet comfortable, cool and dry under pressure with ventilation zones. This reduces the chance of friction and irritation and helps maintain a comfortable foot temperature – once again less moisture = less chances of trouble.

Extra padding has been placed on the key strike zones (ball of foot and heel) to help maximise protection which has also been extended over the toes for the same purpose. Structured and cushioned support has also been placed around the ankle bone too, and the Achilles is also protected by dense wicking and cushioning. – If anyone has stubbed their toe while running, you know protection from the shoe and sock is most welcome, especially if you head off road onto steeper terrain. 

An arch brace helps prevent the sock from slipping. –  A non slipping sock aids keeping debris out, as well as preventing the material from bunching under your foot, causing hot patches and ultimately blisters. 

Priced at £12.99 for a twin pack, the price looks very reasonable and they are available in a range of sizes as show below.

Men’s sizing – Men’s Medium (6-8½), L (9-11½), XL (12-14)

Ladies sizing –Ladies Small (3-5½), Medium (6-8½)


More information can be found at – www.1000mile.co.uk

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