Jo Meek to take on Nigel Jenkins Dartmoor Round FKT

FKT’s or Fastest Known Times have taken over the UK ultra running community these past few months. With Centurion Running hosting the first major UK based ultra event in the past few months last weekend, is there some sort of normality, based on our habits and knowledge from 2019 starting to come back?

One thing that you may not know is much like being on a starting list for a face, announcing your intentions to run an FKT is very much part of the game, in order to allow others to observe, both in person and from afar. With several FKT style records being shown to be false in recent years, both in the UK and abroad, this simple step is one one part of preparation.

This weekend, 15th August, Jo Meek is aiming to better the FKT of the Dartmoor Round.


12000ft of elevation gain

The current record is 16hrs 11mins

Originally set 20 years ago by Nigel Jenkins, this summer has sparked a lot more interest in the route for Jo. With racing off the cards and training locally the only option for the best part of a couple of months, looking at the terrain on your doorstep has lead to new opportunities.

You can follow Jo’s progress via Open Tracking – tracker link here

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