Fight Ocean Plastic with your under carriage – SAXX partners with Plastic Bank

I can vouch that the Ballpark Pouch™offers support to the men out there who opt to slip in SAXX‘s products, a review is just around the corner – but an apology in advance, I’ve figured its best to save you from pictures of me in the nude.

There’s been a marked uptake of utilising plastic in products across the outdoor and cycling industries, which is now seeing its way into mainstream products.

Based in Vancouver on British Columbia’s dramatic coastline, the people at SAXX couldn’t fail to be aware of the problem of plastic in the oceans. Tons of the stuff gets washed onto their beaches every year and given their coasts look wild in comparison to likes of Margate and Skegness, whilst also being less inhabited, action at the source is vital. Let’s face it, action at the source is the answer for every region of the world, not picking it up after the damage has been done.

So they decided to do something about it. SAXX is introducing a new collection in partnership with Plastic Bank; for every garment from the collection they sell, 50 plastic bottles will be prevented from entering the ocean. 

SAXX Vibe ‘No Thank you’

Plastic Bank is a Canadian organisation which works with coastal communities around the world to incentivise local recycling systems; stopping ocean plastic, while improving the lives of those who help collect it. Collectors receive a premium for the materials they collect, helping provide basic family necessities such as groceries, school tuition, and health insurance. Over 4,300 collectors across Haiti, Brazil, the Philippines and Indonesia have so far recovered nearly 12.5m kilos of ocean-bound plastic. 

SAXX Volt ‘Washed Ashore’

There are a lot of projects out there of buy X and we’ll donate a percentage of the sale etc, but I see this as a bit different, given it is going to employ and help the environment in one go. Its probably the only time have crabs on your nether regions is socially acceptable too (see above image)

For more information on SAXX underwear & their partnership with Plastic Bank – CLICK HERE

For more information on Plastic Bank – CLICK HERE

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