Take Care of Your Trails

Its tempting to leave things how you found them, turn a blind eye to something that upsets you, as, within a few seconds you’ll have past it and it’ll be swiftly erased from your memory.

This is the result of 5 trail cleans I’ve conducted over the past couple of months.

In the grand scheme, it’s a pretty small haul, but, there remains a long way to go until things are where they should be.

Trail cleans have been at Woburn Bike Trails, on the Longslade and Danesborough Trails. 90% of the trash is from Longlsade.

It’s a broad collection and clearly shows several user groups are contributing & that red tape….. thats from us, the trail builders I’m afraid, a necessary evil, but one we are looking for ways around. The main thing is we’ve collected it & it wont get buried, only to break down into micro plastics.

Yes, it’s not a short video, however, keep an eye out towards the end, to see how trash, litter, rubbish can directly impact the local wildlife.

We can all do our bit to look after our local trails and wild places we love, a little time every now and then goes a long way

More information about how you can take care of your own trails and contribute to a wider, first of its kind report on our trail ecosystems can be found here – https://www.trashfreetrails.org/state-of-our-trails-report