Punk Rock Run Club launch new range of trail gear

Some of you may have come across the Punk Rock Run Club or PRRC before. Its founder Ant, has featured on these pages before, when I accompanied Ant in 2018 on a section of his Heart of Snowdonia project. Now, the PRRC existed back then, however it was very much something for those who knew about it, rather than easy to find.

See, the Punk Rock Run Club wasn’t set up to a be a running club.

A hashtag created by someone that isn’t into running clubs. A collection of words that resonated with a wider community, which led to a t-shirt and a strava group. It’s interesting how individuals seek to connect, how new groups, clubs, teams and movements are formed of the back off one persons actions.

With a range of products launched in 2021, as well as a series of playlists to listen to on the trail, in the gym, in the home or drowning out your colleagues at work, this alternate community of trail lovers have something for most runners.

Now, before I share some of their threads and where to find them, if you’re intrigued to find out more, I’d like to talk about mental health. I’ve ben fortunate to share time with Ant talking about our own experiences of mental health over the years I’ve known him and I know its a subject close to his heart. PRRC has a mental health connection and rather than trying to describe said connection in my own words, below are Ant’s;

Running has been my savour through bouts of depression and anxiety a problem I have battled for 30 years. I know what’s it like to stare into the abyss, to think there is no hope of getting better, but running has helped, and helped a lot, so I have decided to partner with CALM (The Campaign Against Living Miserably) to create some merchandise with 50% of the profits from each product sold donated to CALM to help aid them in their mission against suicide. 

Every week 125 people in the UK take their own lives. And 75% of all UK suicides are male. CALM exists to change this. 

And now Punk Rock Run Club will help them.Mind. Music. Miles.

The jersey, tech-T, base layer.

Most of us, especially in the UK live with a running T when we head out onto the trail or tarmac. Unisex in size, slim fit in cut, made from 100% recycled polyester and GRS Certified (Global Recycling Standard). Now for the sweaty messes out there (like me), theres 4 way stretch for added breathability and flat lock stitching to reduced the chances of rubbing yourself raw.

£40 of your hard earned monies, XS-XL and 4 designs to pick from.

For Punk Rock Run Club Tech T’s – CLICK HERE

The cap, the head piece, sweat & sun right hand man or fashion piece.

Remember when runners didn’t bother and it was something more likely to be seen on the tennis court? Well, times change and its rare I run without a cap these days. PRRC have 3 options, from a trucker to 5 panel, low profile.

Trail Hunter – Orange & Camo

£32, 5 panels, 100% recycled, moisture wicking headband, one size and lined for a little extra warmth when things get cooler.

Covert – Black 5 panel

£27, 5 panels, 100% recycled, moisture wicking headband, one size.

Punk Rock Run Club Trucker

£30, Brim and crown fabric 100% recycled, Foam-backed and lined,  Rear mesh to dissipate heat and wick moisture away, Moisture-wicking inner headband, Adjustable one size fits all snap closure.

For the winter days, the windy moments, when insulation is key, movement is slower and you want to share your true colours.

The Bobble

£30, Specifically designed for Punk Rock Run Club featuring single thickness knit so you don’t overheat and reflective trim to help you stand out. Made in Scotland from 100% acrylic.

A concise range for those who want to be part of something smaller, a more personal and connected community. You don’t need to part with cash to join the community, its a way of living each day, after all, there is #nobaddayforarun, however, if you wish, you can show you are part of the community and support future endeavours.

To find everything you need about Punk Rock Run Club, CLICK HERE

To see whats going on in the community, their instagram page is a great place to start

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