What’s in my camera bag for a Group Run?

My bag of blueness stood out in a sea of ultra vests, bum bags & lean carrying systems at Maverick Run Project’s Chilterns 14 mile Group Run

Many asked what was in the bag of tricks, which really isn’t that big on the back of a taller individual…

I carried a few extras being one of the group leaders. Overkill perhaps & it was a scorcher as far as the weathers been this year, but rather have it than wish it was there. See, you can’t plan for all eventualities, nor can you rule any out. However, if you prepare for many, it provides you space and time to think, enabling flexibility, as you have options at your finger tips.

Enough of hiding you from the bags contents

Bag – @fstopgear Kenti
Cap – @teamvaga
Sunnies – @ride100percent Speedcraft 
First Aid kit – @lifesystemsuk Mountain & two extra pairs of gloves
Orange Bag – @lifeystemsuk Bivi Bag
Larger Orange Bag – @Lifesystemsuk Ultralight Survival Shelter 2
Blue & Green Bags – @lifeventureuk dry bags
Silver shiny thing – Counter 
Hand sanitiser – is what it is
Gloves for trail finds – mucoff 
Nourishment – @outdoorprovisons
2 flasks – 500ml each / any brand will do
Camera – @Canonuk R6, EF Adapter & EF 16-35mm L lens
Polarising filter
Lens Cleaning kit 
Gloves – @patagonia_trailrunning Capilene Liner
Baselayer – @artilect.studio
Jacket – @Rab.equipment Phantom Pull-On

Extras – phone, spare camera battery, keys & a chatty mouth

Crammed in, but comfortable, holding all other contents in place for a quiet run in the sun

What do you carry? Anything you’d leave out or add? Let me know in the comments

This is not a paid or sponsored post