The Trans AM Bike Race

The statistics speak for themselves

4233 miles

10 states


No stages

No checkpoints

Starting in Oregon, over the Rocky Mountains, through the great plains, past the Appalachians finishing in York Town, Virginia.

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 13.54.51

The film follows the first edition of the race, as these adventure cyclists take on everything that meets them on the journey. Their only schedule is their own, with their mind becoming their own worst enemy.

Averaging 250-300 miles a day, the endurance on display is incredible. Often riding through the night or grabbing only a handful of hours sleep, it’s a experiment in balancing miles with fatigue.

The film is brilliant, showing each competitors own story, their own trials and tribulations, as well as their lighter moments. All entering have their own goals and this is displayed.

Unlike any other race I can think of, other than Park Run, there is no prize money or winners spoils. Only the knowledge that they have achieved their goal.

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The movie, Inspired to Ride, is available to stream or download on Vimeo, iTunes and VHX. I encourage you to do so if you like endurance documentaries, focusing on the participants rather than the overall challenge.

Inspired to Ride – the movie