Degrees North

Endurance takes many forms and often its the mental fatigue and uncertainty which have a greater bearing on performance and outcome then physical ability.

Xavier De La Rue’s latest film, Degrees North, is just that.

Whether looking to train with para-motors in Svalbard, Norway or find snow in Alaska, it the his and his team of 10’s patience to endure the down time (9 straight days in Alaska) before they can do what they came for.

Combined with hiking through fresh powder up to their waists, on exposed mountains, it requires huge levels of mental and physical endure to accomplish the goal.

Once at the top, the small task of boarding or skiing down a perilous mountain face pushes these abilities to the very limit.

xavier-de-le-rue-degrees-north-snowboard-movie © Tero Repo/Red Bull

An incredible film, combining endurance with extreme sports, this is one not to be missed this winter.

Degrees North – Red Bull Behind the Scenes