Prepping for Winter

Today was a good day.

A brown box turned up to my desk at words, with an invoice on the side addressed from Lifemarque. It could mean only one thing, kit!

Lifesystems recently invited me to join their adventure athlete team and of course the perk is having ultra lightweight kit for the mountains.

Along with some goodies from Lifeventure, their sister company, I received the following:

2 man survival shelter (bothy bag)

Light & Dry Survival Bag

Mosquito diffusers

20 Weatherproof matches

Fire striker

Chlorine tablets

The tablets, matches and survival bag will all come in useful when I take on the Spine Challenger. Given the remoteness, water could be an issue. I regularly drink from mountain steams and rivers, but in low visibility checking the source is much harder. Having the chlorine tablets to hand will be perfect when I’m unsure of the quality.

A source of ignition is mandatory kit, and despite having an electric ignition on my stove, I know that the weatherproof matches will put up with an English winter, better than a lighter.

So, my prep continues.