Oh the weather outside is…


As I left work, colleagues left, right and centre were cancelling planned bike rides for the evening. The woods had the potential to be lethal with falling debris (I was mountain biking early Sunday morning and branches littered the ground) and a road ride could be disastrous with one sudden side gust pushing the cyclist into a passing car.

I on the other hand thought one thing. Brilliant!

The Spine Challenger has a reputation for horrendous weather, and this provided me the opportunity to test some of the kit I intend to use. Added to this, it’s the middle of November and a balmy 14.5 degrees at 7pm!

Though I only ran 7.1 miles, it proved a worthwhile run. The system of a Petzl Tikka RXP, Oakley Jawbones and Compressport On/Off headband worked perfectly and I intend to use these on the Pennine Way in January.

All I need now is some goggles with clear lenses.

People often say there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes. I for one see this as the key to making the most of a winter off season. Remember, if people are sat watching soap operas and eating stodgy food, every mile is an advantage.