OMM – Location Update

The OMM or Original Mountain Marathon was started in 1968 by Gerry Charnley to test competitor’s abilities in the mountains. Gerry wanted to set up a race that combined running, orienteering, hill walking & an overnight camp. Skills required for anyone entering the UK mountains. This ethos of self-reliance means competitors are on their own to find a series of checkpoints and an overnight camp before returning on Sunday to the finish. With everyone on a different route the competitors are surrounded by 2000 others but have no one to follow.

OMM says “The OMM race is a very real challenge, there’s no one to feed & water you or give you shelter. We want competitors to be prepared for their own race and that includes what they carry and what route they take. We provide a comprehensive, course wide, invisible safety net around the competitors should they require it, but we want to put competitors at the mercy of their own decisions.”

On October 28-29 the Original Mountain Marathon will celebrate it’s 50th race, a significant milestone for any event. We have just released this years location as the North West of England and, with a few surprises planned, this years OMM will be on many a bucket list for 2017.