inov-8 Race Ultra Skull

Skull caps may make you look like you’re about to go open water swimming or entering an ironman, but they are a great addition to your kit list.

One, they’re tiny and pack down ridiculously small given the job they do, just be mindful not to loose it in the house….

Two, super light. There is nothing to them, so theres no question whether to put it in your pack.

Three, meet RD’s mandatory kit requirements.

Four, under a hood. With no crazy pom thingy on top or bulk, they easily fit under the smallest of hoods, making them great when you need to have your waterproof or windproof hood up.

inov-8 skull cap review 1inov-8’s Race Ultra Skull is a tiny, light, packable and surprisingly warm skull cap, that I race with and take on those runs I’m not sure what I’ll need. I have a tendency not to wear hats as my head seems to reach boiling point quickly when exercising, so having something thin and breathable is essential.

The outer band is wind resistant, keeping bitter chills at bay and allowing you to run without fear of your forehead giving you brain freeze mid descent. The upper/top is mesh and allows hot headed people like myself to let some heat out as its very breathable. I find this particularly useful under a hood, as that’s when I feel at times like I’m in a pressure cooker with no safety outlet. ov-8 skull cap review 2It’s a snug fit, I’m roughly a 58cm and I wouldn’t want a 60+ head if I wanted to fit into the Race Ultra Skull. Body mapped or figure hugging for those who like tech jargon words.

Where is really shines is packability and weight. I’ve scrunched it up in my hand to give a feeling for scale, but the reality is, it can go smaller. It’s diddy! (For the geeks out there I’m a size S/M glove…)ov-8 skull cap review 3And there you have it, a lightweight (18g on my kitchen scales) skull cap that delivers for hot headed runners and racers. If I was heading off for a walk, with a stop on summits, I’d want something more substantial, but for travelling fast and light, its a real winner.

At £18 it wont break the bank either, just store it somewhere you’ll remember, or you may be needing several.

For more information on inov-8’s Race Ultra Skull click HERE.