I am an athlete 

Too often we see elites as just that, non mortal gods that transcend our sport, capable of the impossible, with a gap between ‘us’ and ‘them’ that represents a gapping casam, never to be breached.

Is that really the case?

They had to start from somewhere. Was there natural ability and talent in the mix? More than likely.

Have they mastered motivation and early/late sessions better than you? Almost probably.

Are they still human? Yes.

Many years ago I played rugby, I wasn’t amazing, but I was still part of a team that won an under 15’s National competition. I’ve trained with the Great Britain Biathlon Development Squad, pulled a military truck for miles, went to County X-Country trials. I’ve done things.

And this is the same for many of us.

We reserve athlete for a small minority who achieve success at the very pinnacle of their sports. Should we? After all, does this be little ourselves for our own training. We may be putting in the same hours or close, while balancing far more daily commitments – most notably a job.

With this (thanks to Pyllon for the idea) we should begin to treat ourselves as athletes, both in competition, training, recovery, nutrition. Tick every box.

We’re committing ourselves to hours of training, why should we see ourselves as any different.

I’ve personally struggled in past weeks. Work has been too full on working away at shows, leaving me tired and unable to train. With this, my motivation dropped and then my appetite.

Consistency in KING.

Plan. Make plans. Adapt plans. Follow plans.

Every day offers another opportunity to advance, stabilise and grow stronger.

I am an athlete.