Quite a direct title, but hear me out.

I’m on the lookout for runners who would like to share their stories.

Your position in your last race is of no concern; it’s your personality, reason for running and your part in the wider trail running community that interests me.

For some, I will be looking to do an email interview, if you’re relatively local to me (Milton Keynes) or will be at a race/event I am at this year, I’d like to make take some photos, heck, I might even make a short video. I too have commitments and a job outside of the website, so I want to keep this as flexible for everyone as I can.

Our community is one of passion, drive and endless unique stories.

This year I’d like to start sharing them with the world.

If you are interested or would like to talk, please contact me on facesofthetrail@hotmail.com

1 thought on “I WANT YOU

  1. Very interesting that I saw this on Twitter, and I opened the link to your WordPress blog. I just might be interested! Carl 🙂


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