Winter Run Commuting

Getting miles in winter can be a tough ask and at times, the conditions can be punishing, on top of constant darkness.

For those with a lot of organisation, it can be like a normal run with kit left in the office/place of work, which allows you to run with minimal kit and in many respects, it’s just like any other session.

If you’re like me and your organisation goes as far as leaving a pair of shoes, t-shirt, towel and shower gel in the office, you’re going need to carry more.


Given the recent weather, which has seen sub zero temperature, before taking into account wind chill, this Friday 2nd March, I carried extra kit in case I became too cold or injured myself and needed to stay warm. The roads are quieter and emergency services are stretched, so being able to look after yourself if the worst happens is essential.

Now some may think the below is overkill, however, I can justify everything carried.Vertical 10 Load Out1 – Patagonia Nano Puff Gilet

2 – Berghaus Ilam Down jacket in stuff sac

3 – Rab Polartec midlayer

4 – Merino neck warmer

5 – Jeans

6 – Food….. Breakfast & Lunch

7 – Petzl Tikka RXP Headtorch

8 – Tripod (optional for the selfie takers)

9 – Lifeventure Thermal Mug (filled with Break Fluid Coffee)

10 – Dragon Goggles

11 – inov-8 All Terrain Gloves

12 – inov-8 Extreme Mitts (review coming soon!)

13 – Salomon headband

14 – Polartec beanie

15 – Outdoor Tech Orcas 2.0 headphones

16 – toiletries (got to look sharp at work)

17 – USWE Vertical 10 pack

Everything above bar gloves, head band and headphones was either stored in the pack or in the outside pockets. Personally I ran in a baselayer, windproof tights, a lightweight waterproof jacket and trail shoes.

The thermal mug was perfect for when I got to work, no need to wait for a kettle to boil and a quick way of warming up my core temperature if something went wrong.

I wore the mitts over the standard gloves and the only things not used were the synthetic/down layers and hat, though these also doubled up at work if I needed to go into the warehouse/outside. I’m sure I can hear someone saying what about a first aid kit? I don’t carry one unless in the mountains, however when I do I carry Lifesystem’s Nano as its tiny and fully waterproof.

All in all, the pack isn’t cumbersome and for 7 miles out and back, proved a good weight for easy mile days. Best of all, when I got home, I didn’t have to worry about heading outside again for a session.

*To add context, my run is 7.4 miles each way (14.8 in total) and with the storm conditions, took 1hr 15-20 for each leg. I ran the same route in January and took considerably less when the weather was milder. Alter what you carry to the conditions*

If you would like to see more “What I carry” or suggested set ups, please leave a comment in the section below.Vertical 10 Snow Day