To date I have never reviewed nutritional products. The options are plentiful and of all the varieties out there from natural to next level science, bars to chews, drinks to gum…. it’s really a huge industry and personally speaking the most confusing.

After all, what do I need?

When do I consume it, will it be of benefit, can I pallet the flavour, will my stomach accept it, etc, etc, etc. It’s a minefield.

Fred from Prime got in contact prior to their public launch and wanted to send me some products that were different to the mainstream market. A beef bar. Say Whaaaat?!Prime Bar 4

Yes, you heard it right, a beef bar. Beef, Veg and some seasoning. Nothing synthetic. We are all aware that meat can provide a readily available source of protein and when we’re looking to chow down after a run, something convenient and not full of crap is desired. Now I will stop there and throw this in. For some this could be a good pre run or even during run snack. For me personally, I opted to eat the bars after a run, in the 20-40 minutes following getting back.

Who are Prime?

Prime Bar is run by Fred and Luke, who are active trail and ultra runners. Unhappy with what was on the market they set about making it a product which suited their needs. Luke’s family has a long tradition of butchery over generations and have worked with some farmers for 20 years. The beef is from 100% Organic British bred and grass fed cattle and their relationships allows for 100% traceability.

On the packaging is Mont Blanc, and not by a happy accident. Fred and Luke are looking to run UTMB in 2018 and inspire others in the process.

I was sent two flavours of bar and as you will see, one stood out for me.

And if you like endorsements, Ricky Lightfoot has been using the bars in his recovery, as he comes back to racing this year following surgery and they’ve been spotted at high altitude with Kenton Cool.

Prime Beef Bar with Chilli & Red PepperPrime Bar 2If you like a little heat, this is the one for you. Personally, I’m not the greatest at consuming spicy products, and it was a little hot for my liking (this isn’t going to blow your head off). As I said at the beginning, I really do think nutrition/food is the most personal of choices. The texture is moist, the packaging does a great job of holding in oils, fat and water, which means you won’t need a drink in your other hands to polish it off.


Per 100g (bars are 50g);

Energy kJ/kcal 1564kJ/375kcal – Protein 23.9g – Fat 24.9g of which saturates 10.5g – Carbohydrates 13.8g of which sugars 11.0g – Salt 2.5g

Ingredients – Grass Fed British Beef (76%), Dates, Red Wine Vinegar, Red Pepper (3%), Sesame Seeds, Sea Salt, Apple Juice, Tomato, Honey, Smoked Paprika, Chilli (<1%), Garlic, Black Pepper

Prime Beef Bar with Apricot & CarrotPrime Bar 1


Per 100g (bars are 50g);

Energy kJ/kcal 1326kJ/317kcal – Protein 26.2g – Fat 18.9g of which saturates 7.3g – Carbohydrates 10.5g of which sugars 8.5g – Salt 3g

Ingredients – Grass Fed British Beef (76%), Apricots (10%), Rice Vinegar, Carrots (3%), Sea Salt, Apple Juice, Sage, Paprika, Garlic, Black PepperPrime Bar 3Now we are talking. Much more to my taste bud triggers and I could potentially eat this on an ultra, as it’s neutral to my system. The apricots add a sweetness and the carrot texture. Out of the two, I would pick this every time.

Similar to the texture of the Chilli and Red Pepper bar, you know you are eating meat, rather than a product that’s been so refined and processed, it could be anything. Prime Bar 5

One difference to other options for a recovery bar, the taste does sit in your mouth for a while after, unless you drink a reasonable amount of water. Now, this may frustrate, it may be heaven or it may not be a thing….. It comes down to what you like.

So there you have it, Prime. I’ve taken my time to work through the box I was sent and this mini meal in a bar has real connivence, that’s both tasty and contains real ingredients. For me I use it after a really hard session or if I have a lot of travelling following a race/time in the mountains.

Good luck atUMTB guys!

You can find more about Prime HERE