Where have I been?

Regular followers will have noticed less content being produced since we moved into 2018.

The reasons are simple;

Bad Health

I’ve been running

3 bad colds have knocked me off my feet for over a week at a time and despite this providing great time for writing, it’s the need for photography which had held me up. That and winter darkness (I can only shoot at weekends).

Running. I’ve been running. Having been under Paul Giblin’s guidance since May last year, I’m putting a lot of effort into making sure I train properly. When I was an editor previously, I found myself spending the majority of my time on content creation, rather than getting long times testing.

To give context, whereas before a product often had 50 miles of running on test, most products now have 200+ miles, which gives greater value for the durability and performance conclusions.

I have a catalogue of reviews and content I need to get through, but, the good news for everyone, is all the miles have been clocked, creating the assets is all that is required.

So, thank you for following me & for your patience. Spring is here, let’s crank it up to 11.