Getting back into the swing of things

We’ve all been there, flying high, then suddenly it’s over.

Motivations out the window, energy to move is distant, the sofa and home comforts seem way too comfortable and the thought of lacing shoes seems pointless.

This weekend I was supposed to race, heck, the Race Directors had invited me. The Race Directors had invited me….. that has never happened before!

I’d been pumped to race, training had gone pretty well, Pyllon had worked some magic, despite living in a flat area and I was feeling good. Nutrition sorted, race pack pre filled with mandatory kit. I was ready.

Then it never happened.


I had to work the days leading up to it at Malverns Classic mtb festival and the combination of air, freshly cut grass and sun left me dehydrated, while hay fever did its best to mess with my system.

Friday. T-24 hours.

I felt lethargic, my ears/sinuses were feeling pressure, I’d lost my spring. I chose not to travel.

Saturday. Race day.

I woke up with pressure and ringing in my ears. I hadn’t travelled to the race and I wouldn’t have been running a marathon if I had. ***k

Fast forward to this week and I’ve yet to train. The show took a lot out of me psychically and Sunday and Monday night I slept hard. Catching up on long hours worked and short nights slept. I was out of it.


As I write this, I’ve missed my morning session, having allowed myself to ignore alarms.


The mind is sharp, the body feels back to capacity, energy levels are restored.

In the words of Jocko Willink ‘go get after it’


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