Those bottles of garment cleaner and reproofer, the majority of us, at a guess, do not use enough to take care of technical wear, such as waterproofs and base layers. It feels counter intuitive to heat up a shell jacket, once applied, but something to take into consideration…. textile manufactures do this at the factory to impregnate the very jacket you are wearing.


What does this have to do with #DoMoreWithNikwax?

Nikwax want to encourage you, yes you, the very person sat reading this, after flicking through social media for 20 minutes, sipping a latte and stumbling across these very pages, to get outside and do more. It’s that simple. The weather is often one of the first reasons people give to avoid an activity. And yes, I put my hands up, I am one. It’s just so easy! However, often the most rewarding accomplishments are those that do not come easy, where a level of getting on with the task, when the rain is pouring (this heat wave won’t last for ever), the wind decides to slap you in your face and the lure of a comfortable sofa lingers in the back of your mind. Temptation is there, but don’t give in!

Bad habits don’t lead to great outcomes.

To inspire, intrigue and encourage you to bound out the door, holding your running poles, mountain bike or kayak aloft, Nikwax have challenged 3 athletes to do more in the form of;

  • Ride a combined total of 7000km (4,349.60 miles to be precise)
  • Hike a combined height of 7000 meters (22,965.88 feet, for those who like it old skool)
  • Camp in 10 counties in across Europe

All, in any weather, leaving excuses at home.DSC03644 RTWImage of Markus Stitz

Your 3 leaders are Jenny ToughFredrik Ek and Markus Stitz (as seen above).

So, I hear you cry, where do I fit in to all of this? Must I set a new KOM or record to take part? Simply put, no. Quite the opposite in fact and and that is the aim and goal of Nikwax. From a small hike, to a run, pedal, paddle, boulder problem or cast, it can be anything you wish it to be, a micro adventure or a day out. They want to appeal to all of us, not just the whippets seen crossing mountain ridges with ease, over taking us on country lane rides and descending trails as a rate of knots.

One off achievements are good, but as I stated earlier, bad habits don’t lead to great outcomes. Doing an activity for a short period of time, several times a week, has greater mental and physical benefits, then once a week in a single push or every now and then.

Habits have been proven to take time to engage with regularly, but once formed, can offer genuine positive outcomes and can lead you on adventures, both small and magnificent, that you may other ways have thought not possible or irrelevant. I should no.

I am predominantly a runner and mountain biker. I used to turn up to races, suffer and then really suffer in the following week. A year of having a coach, I have my daily routines, a little structure and my body and mind are vastly more finely tuned. I know my body better then before and have the energy to take part in mini adventures when ever I fancy. I’m not saying get a coach, but challenging a friend to walk with you 3 times a week, ride that trail you have never rode, hike the summit or ridge that’s been on your mind or simply explore your local area.

Nikwax want you to share your actives with #DoMoreWithNikwax and in turn, to encourage friends and colleagues to follow suit, get outside and experience the benefits of movement in the outdoor environment.

So with that said, get outside and Do More.

Come back to me with your micro adventures and stories 🙂


Campaign information provided by Spring PR

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