Mentally stronger

It sucked.

I was down.


What was the point?

Scafell Sky Race had been one of my two main goals for 2018. I knew I stood no chance of a GBR jersey, or even a top placing, but the culmination of a years work with Pyllon and a test in the mountains was high on my agenda.

Volunteering ended up being my downfall, but I don’t regret the fact I did. It’s important to give back to the community and keep the dreams of Race Directors alive.

After licking my wounds on the long drive south, it was back to training. My legs were relatively fresh, despite the workout they had had and the trails called me, onto their sand riddled dust sink holes.

Seeing the aftermath, interviews, photos, blogs hadn’t been easy, but deep down I know I helped facilitate them.

So head up, mind on, focus engaged and one foot infront of the other.

The biggest challenge is the heat, I struggle in anything close to 20 degrees Celsius and the past weeks have hovered at the high 20s and low 30s. Still, crack on, grow body and mind stronger.

It’s the culmination of weeks, months and years that result in real world changes to the cardiovascular and strength systems, not one off days.

Think long game.