Maverick Goes Ultra

Amid the Maverick Race announcements of new brand partnerships including SAXX Underwear, Dryrobe and Suunto, another big announcement may have slipped your attention.

Maverick has entered the realm of Ultras.

Yes, you read that, the team are now offering the chance to run beyond 26.2 miles and have added to the challenge by adding this option on their most testing of course, the X-Series.

Your 3 races for 2019 are as follows;

Maverick inov-8 X & Ultra Peaks

To be held on Saturday 13th July, 69km (just under 43 miles) and 6,925 feet (2,110 meters) of elevation gain lie ahead. Famed for its rolling hills and small market towns and villages, don’t let the calm picturesque vistas of the Peak deceive you.

Maverick inov-8 Ultra Trail Series Exmoor (UTSE)

Saturday 7th September marks the first ALL NEW race in Mavericks calendar, the inaugural UTSE or Ultra Trail Series Exmoor. You will find no short, medium or long course options here, only the 90km (55 miles) and 9,011 ft (2,750 meters) of elevation gain.

Previously home to the X-Series Exmoor race, billed as the toughest on Mavericks entire calendar, as Maverick themselves say “On paper you may not see the largest amount of elevation over the 55mile route, but the combination of extremely hard terrain and it being like a roller coaster with minimal flat sections, make this route incredibly demanding, physically and mentally.”

Maverick inov-8 X & Ultra Snowdonia

Saturday 21st September rounds of the trilogy in the Welsh outdoor capital, with 64km (40ish Miles) and 9,909 ft (3,020 meters) of elevation gain. Notorious for its rapidly changing weather systems and rocky nature, the Snowdonia park offers a fitting ending to a trilogy which explores 3 very different parts of England and Wales.

All information can be found on the highlighted race headers above and it should be noted all Maverick races for 2019 are cup free, so bring your own cup!
All race details, dates, prices, mandatory kit etc can be found at