Podcast of the Week – Episode 6

A new week, a new month, a broken promise and more podcast goodness. I listened to the first episode of the new  The Adventure Podcast – Terra Incognita, while flying to Munich to be a member of ISPO Awards 2019 Jury panel. I brought a book for the flight, but on the rare occasion I do fly, I seldom have the concentration to read. Sleep or some form or audio entertainment are my standard go to.

The Adventure Podcast is the brain child of Matt Pycroft, founder of Cold House Collective and more importantly, someone I shared a few months of University with back in 2008, before I packed it in!

Matt has been exploring the far reaches of the world for the past decade, a cameraman and now film director on a number of high profile expeditions, putting new lines and world firsts onto faces of mountains few have heard of.

With this in mind, Terra Incognita seems the perfect fit. With athletes and personalities that are household names or those that have gone under the media radar, offering a perspective that is different from the soundbites heard at film festivals and on trailers for up and coming films.

The first episode sums this up for me, speaking to Al Humphrey‘s  Why we need Adventure

The opening episode doesn’t shy away from questions that may not produce the perfect answers we so typically get accustomed to hear and in my my eyes, or should I say ears, is what has been needed. Adventure is often guarded, there are specific rules for supported, unsupported, world first and so on……

The Adventure Podcast doesn’t disrupt these traditions and customs, it breaks down barriers and in doing so, makes the idea of adventure more accessible to a wider audience.

Produced by the team at ColdHouse Collective, the audio is on point and everything you would expect from a experienced team, that produce high quality content – check out their website.


So subscribe, add it to your app, grab a drink and broaden your adventure mindset.