OMM Annouce location for 52nd Edition

Largs, Scotland

I could probably now leave it with a link to OMM‘s website and be done 😉

But where is Largs? Largs is the west of Glasgow, the final bit of mainland before you need to jump on a boat and head to the islands of Bute, Arran or beyond. Part of the Clyde MuirShiel Regional Park, comprising of 400km of remote glens, wild heather moors, bogs, waterfalls……Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 19.25.58

You’re feet and legs are in for a beasting, not to mention a soaking. Be prepared.

You may remember I ran the 51st Edition last year, with Tom Hill, in the Welsh Black Mountains.

It was an awakening, having run ultras, sky races and all manner of trail adventures, this was on a new level and it tested mind and body in a new way. You may see me in Largs….TBC.

Anyway, if you love a self supported 2 day epic with your running buddy, love to spoon in a tiny tent and find that balance between the bare minimum kit and carrying the kitchen sink, whilst navigating and racing.


The OMM may be for you

Full details can be found HERE

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