Vision Movie – OUT NOW

Dreams we all have them.

Heck, it could have been a day dream that lead you onto these very pages. I dream a lot and as a kid, I used to dream big. The career choices when I hit my teens were Royal Marines Commando Officer, I had my date with destiny at Lympstone for officer selection but never went. Earlier, in my youth, it was to be a freeride mountain biker or rally car driver. My wall was covered in MBUK pages, torn out to make posters, World rally on channel 4 my fix of 4 wheel drive adrenaline. But alas, I neither had to the balls or skill to be a rider, nor the finances or parents to drive cars.

But not all dreams die young

Veronique Sandler or Vero, came to the UK a few years ago and whilst not eh hunt yo establish herself as a professional World Cup racer, made the move to being herself. No more racing, expressing herself on camera, riding with friends, creating her own niche was to be her choice. Fast forward a couple of years, a sizeable social media following, backing from the likes of Marin, Adidas Terrex and Five Ten……… we have VISION.

Vision follows Veronique’s journey into the sport of mtb and the decisions that  that defined her to creating her Dream Line. The above is a POV for Vero shredding the line that opens to the public in the next few days at Revolution Bike Park.

What started as an idea for a few jumps truly escalated when Revolution Bike Park got involved and provided that land and expertise to creating a master piece, the likes rarely seen on UK shores. Rarer still, that you and I, can ride them same line legitimately. This isn’t an off piste, hush hush gnar 2

However, this isn’t all about Veronique, there is an insane list of mtb community stars that come out to ride the line and accompany her on this journey. Casey Brown, Manon Carpenter, Tahnee Seagrave, Matt Jones, Olly Wilkins, Brendog, Martin Soderstrom, Kade Edwards and a heap more rad rides contribute to make this more than one person riding.

It’s a refreshing take on the mtb genre, which in the past was riding porn with a loose story. This is a genuine story, with depth.

If you’d like to check the movie out, links to where you can rent or purchase the film are below. I really recommend you do, I was lucky enough to get an invite to the global launch in London (cheers Adidas Terrex / All Condition Media) and it was one of the first mtb films in a while which kept my attention throughout.

VISION – Available Now (itunes, Xbox, Playstation, Google Play, Amazon, Vimeo on Demand)