2020 has arrived – plans

Happy new year yall.

I definitely can’t get away with the Texan twang like Payson McElveen, pro XC mtb racer and the host of the Adventure Stache Podcast – 100% worth listening to some episodes.

Its a new year, without resolutions or real intent to make life changing decisions. More so, to get on with the things I’ve been meaning to for a while.


Regular reviews and content for you guys, my band of loyal subscribers and readers. If you’ve landed on here randomly from a bit of googling, welcome, thank you for giving me part of your day and please reach out if you want to know more about my little corner of the internet.

More race stuff. Be it interviews with race directors, photography, videos I track down or me taking part in them. Like them or loath them, races, whether your goal is to complete or win they are a HUGE part of the trail and ultra running scene.

And there will be more as I’m happy to say I’m going ultra in 2020, taking on the Type 2 Fun Run and a couple more things I’ve yet to confirm.

More than anything I want to be creative but consistent to you. Creativity isn’t something you can formulate a specific timeline and method for, but, its about being accountable to myself and you.

So please, like I said in my end of year round up….. contact me.

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s more in the video below.