FRACTEL – An Overview

The world is awash with brands.

Some huge, some tiny, things you need, things you don’t.

Irrespective of their size, it is people who create, develop and nurture. Whether bought from a store, online or direct from the brand, people are connected at every stage and with that comes stories.

I’ve started to pay more attention to the stories of why, who and how. With over 7 years in brand management, I spend a lot of time looking at the brands I manage, the competitors, those trying to break into the market (in this case cycle) and what gives them authenticity. In the global age, with some cash, you and I can start a brand, but would it be survive?

One brand that caught my attention was FRACTEL. I kept seeing it pop up on social media and eventually, as is the way, I clicked on an advert. They do caps. Great. Another cap brand. I’m not sure when the cap became the standard issue product for trail running, I remember when I started out few wore them, but over the past few years; caps, crew length socks and 5 inch or shorter shorts have become a trade mark that you run off road.

The products look clean, the lifestyle marketing on trend…. but what stood out was the story, the origin. Such was it’s resonance with me, I reached out to Matt before writing this. Founded by Matt Niutta, it was when Matt was diagnosed with an eye condition that effected his every day life, in this case, preventing him from driving, the the outdoor world took on a whole new meaning. It wasn’t so much about the race, the final meters of giving it all to cross the line, but the adventures amassed along the way in training. The simple act of moving uninhabited by foot.

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Fractel originated from the term ‘fractal’. A fractal can be defined as an infinite pattern and is often used to describe natural features such as trees, rivers and mountains. This connection with the natural environment and potential to be infinitely occurring was the inspiration behind the name. Our logo is the simplest version of a fractal. Starting from a single origin, two branches grow. This principle of endless iterations can be applied to all aspects of life. We want to replicate this theory and show the world that with one idea, anything is possible.”
As someone who lost part of their eyesight 5 years ago, thought not to the same degree as Matt, it struck a chord with me, we do take our eyesight for granted and you only begin to appreciate the power and value it provides once it is compromised.
Having shared a few conversations with Matt, I want to share what he has created with you. A small concise range of products with a deeper meaning behind them, to me its not just another product or making it for money, it’s creating and engaging with a community which, allowing Matt to be part of the trail and ultra scene for yeas to come.
Being in Queensland, Australia, I think its fair to say FRACTEL know a thing or two about hot weather. Something many of us can only lust after in the UK. However, if you’re like me and sweat like a leaking sieve year round, a lightweight open mesh head piece could be a god send. I generally always run with a cap, as without, my eyes are bathed in a seemingly endless supply of salt saturated sweat from the end of the first mile.
WHITEMESH-Front-ANGLE_1440xWHITE-MESH-Under_1440xImage CreditFRACTEL
The top panels are constructed from FLOWmesh to keep your noggin breezy, with a SWIFTdry™ sweat absorbing internal head band to capture anything that fancies infuriating your eyes. All other panels provides UPF +50 sun protection and the peak will also double up for some personal eye relief on the occasion you don’t want to be a cool kid and wear it as designed, rather than back to front. Whether you’re a shrew or a giant, the 54-66cm “one size fits most” sizing means the odds are it will fit!
Rest of the Range
When I said it is currently a small and tight, the remainder of the Spring/Summer range is 2 products – the CORAL and CALYPSO Edition and the mesh FIRESTORM. Of course, depending which country you are looking in my change what is available/in stock.



Both Editions share similar make up; UPF +50 sun protection from the peak, front, rear and side panels. 4 mesh panels up top, not as extreme as the DayBreak, to allow heat to dissipate, the SWIFTdry™ internal sweat absorbing headband and pliable peak. Designed to add a colour punch to your run, you’ll be seen by everyone.


Image CreditFRACTEL

The main difference between the Firestorm and Coral/Calypso, is the use of mesh and peak colour. Instead of the 4 mesh panels on top, the Firestorm features premium mesh paneling throughout the whole centre structure, offering a more ventilated and seamless fit. While the brim is coloured darker top reduce the effects of glare when the sun decides to shine bright.


1% for the Planet

FRACTEL finally are a member of 1% for the Planet. As a brand that encourages you to use the natural environment and aware of the impacts they have as an apparel company, they give 1% of all their sales to organisations that protect what we love.



I want to thank Matt for his time and following their 2020.

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