Trek Bikes – GOING IN – Kendal Mountain Festival 2019

Lets head back a few months, when we could escape our houses, but the weather meant many of us, maybe the majority, would rather spend their days in doors, curled up near a wood burner, horlicks or something stronger in hand, while rain and wind changed physical form on the glass panes surrounding us.

If you have a wood burner, it is hard to quantify my jealousy levels.

I mean it.

KMF 2019_Going_In_05In the warmth of Kendal Town Hall, a mass gathering of dirt lovers met to watch the global premiere of Treks new film, Going In, at Kendal Mountain Festival. Mountain biking is a race bread sport, there never was the modern day options of a jam, session a line or a day of uplift. It started with clunkers bombing it down fire roads, overheating drum breaks and a skill sets more akin to drifting cars.

Oh how it has evolved.

KMF 2019_Going_In_02Divisions of ability, terrain, bike and athlete are now awash in the sport and continues to evolve. Enduro racing became the next big thing at the turn of the last decade, making the hop over from France and onto a global stage. Gravel racing is now the new phenomenon, but better suited the long unpaved roads of America, over our pot hole riddled bridleways and single track, with land ownership rights and fences/gates/styles galore.

At the forefront of the pursuit of excellence for many years has been Trek Bikes. Their Factory Race Team continually evolving with times and since moving away from the Atherton’s, has become in my opinion, something far greater.KMF 2019_Going_In_01Going In, follows the Enduro, Downhill and XC teams throughout the 2019 season. In a world where we are used to post race short form edits and live steaming, it takes a deeper look into the day to day lives of the athletes, mechanics and support staff, picking key moments in the year to highlight the ups and downs associated with elite level racing.

From the glamour of the exotic locations of the Enduro World Series, to the predictable courses of the Downhill World Cup and XC World Cup, each venue, track and local community have something different to offer. The physical, mental and emotional stresses vary wildly and though team mates can look to have it all sussed, the clock, tape and time show otherwise.KMF 2019_Going_In_03Going In is a long watch, 90 minutes of drama, shenanigans, high points and misery for some. It doesn’t paint the perfect picture, doesn’t hide the realities of life on the road or racing. What is portrayed is an honest and open look into the lives of those many aspire to emulate, displaying the dedication required to excel at the ultimate amphitheatres of the sport.

Given the racing seasons have all but been sidelined for 2020, put on your jersey and goggles, prime that water bottle, heck bring your bike into the lounge and prop it up agains the tv.