Salomon Agile 2 – Reviewed

If you’re after the bare essentials, Salomon’s Agile 2 could be all you need. We’ve been lead to believe that more features for less cash equals value. From cars to phones, multi tools to shoes, its the bells and whistles that provide perceived value, a reference point against their competition.

Well, over time we learn that to be a load of rubbish. Having what you truly need matters, I mean, we don’t all have a 137,328 feature rich Victorinox knife for every possible scenario. We have a tool box.Salomon Agiule 2 2020 006

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The Agile 2 is the most simple of designs on test. A true one size fits all product. If you anticipate carrying a jacket or anything substantial, you’re better off looking at other packs I have on review here.

Salomon say the Agile 2 is aimed for a run around the city and that is where I have used it. Well, the outskirts of Milton Keynes, predominantly on country roads, however, it serves the same role. See the Agile 2 is not about storage, its about being seen. The zebra like stripes on the front and rear are reflective. If there is one product to be seen at night, this is it.Salomon Agiule 2 2020 003Up front you have two 500ml soft flasks that use narrower openings than their trail orientated siblings, with elastic loops to hold the lids securely. The two additional pockets can fit a lightweight pair of gloves and a couple of gels (either/or) at a push. The name of the game here is going light. Minimal.

A zippered pocket is located underneath the right hand flask, which can accommodate a phone. AS you can see there is a hefty strap system to hold the vest in place. Large plastic clips attach to a series of plastic loops. They’re burly, but to the job and make getting it on off very easy. You may also notice elastic loops for retaining excess strap. Thank you Salomon! It’s a real bug bear having to tie excess straps away or have them flicking in your face if the wind picks up.Salomon Agiule 2 2020 001Salomon Agiule 2 2020 005The side features the size adjustment, which, you will have a lot of excess from unless you have a substantially bigger body than me (Im 5ft 7″, 77kg) and these I did find myself wrapping around to save them whipping people as I ran past. It may be a basic system but it does the job and you can’t criticise for that.Salomon Agiule 2 2020 004And the back? Good luck finding things to carry in the the rear pocket. If you want to carry a jacket, make sure its a summer weight, ultralight minimal jacket as the pocket is secure and small. More food perhaps, maybe a spare light? There are two attachment points for rear light, to aid your visibility and as you can see the open mesh allows a lot of air through it, whilst covering only what is needed on your back. You aren’t going to burn up in the Agile 2.

Whats more to say? Salomon’s Agile 2 is the essentials with nothing more on show. It keeps you lit up at night and allows you to carry a few extras for those longer runs. In my experience, it stays in place, is comfortable and was a great product over the darker months, given I don’t have hi visibility kit to run in.

Yes the winter nights have now finally passed, but for those who like to be scene or want something minimal that has a multi purpose function, the Agile 2 is a great contender.


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