I’ve joined the Premax Ambassador Team for 2020

Well this is a little different from the standard reviews, news or musings, I’m now an athlete/ambassador for a brand.

But first some context

I do my best to keep things fair on here, disclose relationships and where money has changed hands, so you can see any potential bias of opinions or reasons to take things with a pinch of salt.

As far as brand relationships go, I’m not approached by many brands to be on there teams; those who contact are usually via my spam folder, which amount to little more than a pyramid scheme offering discounts and commissions for something ive never used and would likely never use….. whats the point in aligning with something that doesn’t share your own values or you see value in.

So Premax

I’ve known Randall, the Founder since 2018 and have been using the products since then. I was given some samples at a trade show to try and I subsequently bought more once they ran out, as for me, they work, are reliable and provide peace of mind. I was never someone to use anti friction creams when running, only riding, however, whether its a wear and tear thing, I found come my mid 20s, chafing and skin irritation round those most private of areas became a thing.


Thankfully, not literally

With the launch of their new range and restyled branding for 2020, Randall asked me if I’d like to come on board in an official capacity as an ambassador of the brand. Yes there’s some free product, but no list of ‘DO THIS’ and “DON’T DO THIS.”

To give you perspective the below video was my idea, with the brand and Randall discovering what I had done once it was live for the world to see. And thats what I like about this relationship, mutual respect and a love for performance.

So yes, over the coming months, you may see the odd thing about Premax, but let it be known it is because I want to speak about my experiences, rather than some forced agenda or money exchanging hands.

Theres no sell in, no discount codes, no buy this to keep the channel alive.

If you were to ask me what is the one product ive used for the past 3 years more than any other; its not a watch, a pair of shorts or even Strava.

Its Premax

This is not a paid advertisement or sponsored post