The Lakes Litter Initiative – Get behind keeping the Lakeland fells & valleys clean

Last week I spent a few days in Cornwall with Ben and Dom from Trash Free Trails, for which I’m ambassador, discussing all things trash and trail related. It gave me some new energy and wanting to do more. I live near Milton Keynes and am fortunate that for the most part, my local trails and wild spaces are clear of litter (more on that in a few weeks time), so seeing others taking action where there are major issues is of particular interest.

In the Lake District, my social feeds have been full of litter during lockdown, from abandoned wild camps in the fells, through to bbqs and large scale littering in the valleys. At a time where our wild spaces means more to us for the obvious reasons, this is particularly gutting, given the inherent risks attached to clearing up and disposing of the issue – PPE and precautions must be taken before it can be sorted.

Not that volunteers should be having to take such action – we need societal attitudes to shift in order for meaningful change.

Image copyright – Joe Faulkner

One such individual who has been heading out and tackling this head on is Joe Faulkner of Nav4 Adventure. He’s been routinely going out and clearing bin bags full of discarded single use food containers, tents and camp litter.

In order to make this happen, it takes time and money, with the additional costs of remaining safe due to COVID-19. And this is why I’m writing about Joe, as he’s set up a Just Giving page to keep his good work moving throughout July and August. As I type this he is just over the 80% mark to his objective, but I know we as a collective can surpass that and aid him in keeping the Lakes clean.

Image Copyright – Joe Faulkner

The below is taken from his Just Giving PageLINK HERE – to give a better idea of the reasons behind the Lakes Litter Initiative and where the money will go;

Throughout the past few months, one or two of us have been quietly picking up litter in our local areas of the Lake District. We are facing a crisis point, not least due to the Covid-19 lockdown easing and the increased in ‘staycations’ this Summer.

We have been aiming to work colaborative with authorities and organisations on this issue. Our back ground tends to be in Outdoor Education, hence engaging with people in the outdoors, who currently maybe visiting The Lakes for the first time.

I believe in simple effective action. Basically I pick up rubbish, but I try engage positively to encourage others to help

Whilst I’ll happily contiune doing my bit as I have always done, others have been asking how they can help? One answer is to, ‘Go outside and pick up some stuff’. Others, who live away may care to donate some cash.

In short a few pounds will enable me to keep doing what I do. It will put fuel in my car, buy me more gloves, bags, hand gel and equipment. It will allow me to do more and hopefully help others and fund a longer term project to engage and educate an increasing numbers of visitors.

You can find out more of my activities on my facebook page – Joe Faulkner – with a new SocMedia account out soon – Lakes Litter Initiative

So if you want to lend Joe a hand, CLICK HERE for a link to his Lakes Litter Initiative. I love the fact that Joe is engaging positively and hope you can support him.