Maverick Chamonix Endeavour 100km Virtual Race – French trails from the comfort of your front door

Ah virtual racing

It seems like an age since I first wrote about virtual races and series kicking off within weeks of lockdown and like many, my perception of time is but gone. Its almost August! Where did the past 4 months go??!

I know many of us head abroad either in the build up to the grand European classics such as UTMB or for a solid block of training this time of year. I still look back with rose tinted specs at my week in the valley, using poles like permanent parts of my arms, in an attempt to adapt my legs to the sheer scale of the Alps trail networks.

Well, the duo of Ben and Justin at Maverick Race have come up with a new virtual challenge, 100km in a week, but this time there is some added spice not to dismissed.

Two FREE places to their Chamonix Camp Endeavour in September 2020 are up for grabs. Forget medals, t-shirts and branded goodies, this is huge!

Running from the 25th July to the 1st August, you have a grand total of 8 days to complete the 100km / 62.14 miles and for some additional motivation, you can track yourself on a virtual map of the course.

Now, I know a 100km may be out of the realms of sensible, dependant on what your current weekly mileage or plans are, so hang with me. There is an alternate option.

You have the option to run in a team of up to 3 people, with all runs combining to make the 100km mark. So be the leader and complete the highest total of the team, split the total evenly or keep it free and see where you end up.

All details can be found HERE

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