ROAM4 – 48 hours of running & you’re all invited

Its December and if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, the nights are getting long, temperatures dropping and rain, well, its becoming part of daily life.

My amigo Tom Hill, has been a source of inspiration and partner on a handful of adventures. First at UTMB, when I covered the race for inov-8, then the Yorkshire 3 Peaks in winter and finally, the OMM in 2018.

Running, long hours and an element of suffering unite these experiences and with 2 years since we last got together, it’s about time we did something. It’s not like we haven’t been talking, on social media direct messaging platforms, bumping into each other at festivals and events, however, we never got anything arranged.

Not that this in any different.

See Tom had an idea

A pretty big one

Tied into a larger project we are pulling together (watch this space)

He said he was going to run on the Winter Solstice and for 48 hours. 4 miles at a time. With my unhealthy addiction to social media only strengthened over the past 8 months, my mind immediately went to the backyard ultras and thought what the heck, I’ll roll the dice.

This isn’t going to go well

To my relief, he said it was be 4 miles, every 4 hours…… not on the hour, every hour as my mind had assumed.

I’ll let Tom do the talking below – after all, its his idea

We’ll also taking part in Trash Free Trails Purposeful ADVENTure – we’re challenging you pick up one piece of trash/litter per lap or 4 mile run, which is then to be documented at the end and inputted into their State of Our Trails Report.

So if you fancy a winter solstice to remember, join in with a low key online event and finish the year off in some tight hip flexor style, you are more then welcome

There is no entry fee

No prizes

No medals

No league standings

No anything

Start 8pm Saturday 19 December. Finish 8pm Monday 21 December

Just you running 4 miles, once every 4 hours, for 48 hours

Unsociable Hours Guaranteed