Rider, Runners & Roamers Wanted

Want to join a community in 2022 doing all we can to embrace, enjoy & take care of our trails & wild spaces? Collating data while taking responsibility for the places we love?

I’m not one for New Years resolutions. To me, the turn of the year isn’t a blank slate, it’s a continuation of the previous days, months and years. We continue to evolve, to learn, our interests and ways we chose to spend our time may change, but we are still us.

Therefore, this isn’t the definitive resolution, but an opportunity if you’ve been sat on the fence thinking of getting involved or haven’t been sure how to start.

Any and everyone can join the TrashMob

There’s no fee, no entry criteria, no contract. Being part of the TrashMob is how we as a collective and individuals chose to interact with our trails and wild spaces, the collective decision to take responsibility for maintaining their beauty, while of course, enjoying the rewards they offer.

So, if you want to join the TrashMob and get involved with Trash Free Trails, here are 3 easy steps

1 – head out and pick up some single use pollution

2 – log it on our scientific report – link here https://www.trashfreetrails.org/reportyourtrailclean

3 – shout about what you are doing from the rooftops and tag Trash Free Trails in your actions, so we can send you stoke.

It’s that simple.

Along the way, we shall have a chat, perhaps meet you at an official event and hopefully inspire one another.

Together, our individual actions rapidly multiply to big results.

For more information on Trash Free Trails – https://www.trashfreetrails.org